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Project : Process automation in the assets management department

The Background ​

Fastkets was requested by a service center in Bucharest to automate the process of managing fixed assets.

The company managed the accounting activity for 28 countries, each country requesting a report in the native language. Thus, it was necessary to hire staff who knew the language without having another necessary specialization (accounting, technique, etc.).

There were also cases where a single employee was responsible for liaising with several countries, with information coming from multiple sources and having similar priorities, leading to staff overload. Due to this situation, 3 days a month were reserved for closing the accounting situation and the company often found itself in the situation of not complying with its SLA compared to partners in other countries.


The first step in the solution was to standardize the process at the company and customer level.

After the process was standardized, the final technical solution for its automation was a mixed one, developed in the UiPath platform, as follows:

  • Creating fixed asset templates for each country in the native language, thus facilitating the work of the Asset Management department.
  • Assigning a robot for each activity, including 3 main robots, each orchestrating automated sub-processes based on SAP transactions.
  • A robot for reporting at the end of the working day, the document containing information about the posted assets and compliance with the SLA.


The main benefits brought to the client

  • Reducing the costs of contracting human resources for this department by 25,000 euros / person / year (specialized in one language)
  • The process has become error free
  • Compliance with the ALS and reduction of costs caused by penalties
  • Daily updated overview of the entire process
  • Improving the relationship with stakeholders
4 months
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