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Project : Automation of financial processes within the Debt Recovery Department

6 months
Top 5 logistics companies globally

The Background

Due to the very large volume of open customer invoices that had to be collected and paid, fastkets received the request to automate the debt collection process. It was performed daily by the financial-accounting department.

The activity of the team involved in the process was slowed down due to repetitive tasks, such as generating reports, updates in SAP, data extraction, e-mails to companies that did not pay the invoices or resending the invoices to the customer.

The Solution

The first step in the solution was to standardize the process at the company and customer level.

After the process was standardized, the final technical solution for its automation was a mixed one, developed in the Microsoft ecosystem, as follows:

  • User application, developed in Power Apps, which allows: dynamic interaction with data extracted from SAP, identification of customers who have payment invoices, the ability to send reminders and emails based on multi-language templates.
  • Cloud automations, developed using Power Automate Cloud, responsible for processing emails, data received by email, automatic sending of reminders, generation of daily reports.
  • Automation of the SAP / ODM process, for collecting information and resolving disputes using VBS run activities and GUI interaction.


Automating the debt recovery process had the following major benefits:

  • Reduction of costs by EUR 1,320,000
  • Reducing the costs of contracting human resources by over 50%
  • 30% increase in cash flow by increasing the number of invoices collected on time
  • Increasing the accuracy of the process
  • Improving customer relations
  • Creating specific reports that allow stakeholders to make faster and more efficient decisions