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Project : Automation of tax returns D300 / D101 / D205

3 months
Top 3 companies from Romania

The Background

A Romanian company from the Top 3 requested our help to carry out an analysis meant to improve the process of completing the tax returns and to reduce the overload of the financial-accounting department. Following the audit process, Fastkets identified that more than 15 Excel documents were completed at the company level, with between 15,000 and 20,000 lines, from multiple sources and proposed the automation of D205 / D101 / D300 declarations.

The work of the team involved in the process was cumbersome due to repetitive tasks such as generating and processing files, updates in SAP, extracting data from SAP (trial balance, account statement, etc.), processing raw data to obtain final figures, completing statements and their validation

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It is: Try to please everybody.”
– Andrei-Cosmin Dobrita

The Solution

The final technical solution for declaration automation was a mixed one, developed in the Microsoft ecosystem, as follows:

  • Cloud automations, developed using Power Automate Cloud, responsible for the preliminary processing of Excel files received by email and their centralization in SharePoint so that they can be taken over by the next robot.
  • Automation of the SAP process, for extracting the Excel files necessary to complete the declarations, processing them using Power Automate Desktop.
  • Automate the completion of declarations, generating an XML file based on information from Excel. Inserting them in * .pdf type declarations and subsequent validation.
  • Sending monthly reports with the status of each statement to the approved departments, through Power Automate Cloud.


The main benefits brought to the client:

  • For this particular client, the automation of the process of completing the declarations had a major impact, respectively the reduction of the costs with the human resource contracted by over 50%.
  • Other benefits included: increased process accuracy, improved customer relationships, the creation of specific reports that allow stakeholders to make decisions faster and more efficiently.