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Project : Automation of the process of registration-reporting of supporting documents

4 months
top 10 manufacturing companies in Germany

The Background

We received the request to automate the process of registration-reporting of supporting documents for the Internal Audit Department. Within the company in question, all the posts that accountants make in the ERP logbook are made available through a web platform – ServiceNow.

After the posting is done in SAP and the posting number is updated in ServiceNow, the accountant has the obligation to attach the supporting documents to the posting made in SAP (eg invoice, contract, etc.).

Monthly, reports are generated to track the number of posts and attachments.

The Solution

The first step in the solution was to standardize the process of identifying the company and the customer.

After the process was standardized, the final technical solution for its automation was a mixed one, developed using the Microsoft ecosystem and the UiPath platform, as follows:

  • Development of a robot scheduled to log in to the ticketing platform (ServiceNow) every day at 17:00, to apply the necessary filters for each country (33 countries in total) and to select unarchived tickets.
  • For each ticket, depending on the SAP customer / company code, the robot connects to the system, enters the necessary transactions for each accounting post in which the documents must be added and attaches the archive generated by the ticketing platform.
  • At the end of the day, the reports are generated and sent to the audit and general management department.


Reducing the operating cost by approximately 825,000.00 Euro / month (a number of 33 full-time employees were allocated to carry out the entire process), followed by other secondary benefits such as reducing errors and improving the company’s image in front of stakeholders.