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IXOBI - Data Analytics Services

Discover the Power of Data with Intelligent Analytics

Turn Your Data into Business Intelligence

Analytics is proving to be a business accelerator for organizations empowering businesses with intelligent insights. Damco’s Data Science & Analytics services cater to end-to-end business intelligence needs contributing to enhanced customer experience, product strategy, and decision-making capabilities. Our Centre of Excellence enables organizations to mitigate data challenges with proven expertise in Data Visualizations, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Unified Data Platforms.

Having an edge in strategizing distinct solutions leveraging Power BI, we follow an integrative approach to implement business analytics for our clients. With over two decades of technology expertise, we serve a global client-base across industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Automobile, and Non-Profit.

Data Science & Analytics Services

With multi-disciplinary domain expertise and business modernization capabilities, we enable organizations to unlock the true potential of their data.

Strategy Development & Consulting

Amplify the data power with analytics roadmap, requirement & gap analysis, use-cases identification, data modeling, statistical analysis, tools selection, and evaluation. We help businesses in identifying technical, financial, and resource feasibility for Data Science & Analytics implementations.

Data Warehousing

Bolster your business insights with sound data architecture & warehouse design, cloud-based data warehouse, Extract Transform Load (ETL), big data processing, and data warehouse migration techniques. Our CoE expertly comprehends the complexities associated with data warehousing functions like collection, management, and processing

Business Intelligence (BI)

Reap the benefits of BI through intelligent strategy & consulting, BI architecture & design, applications, cloud-based BI, product customizations, reports, and product upgrades. We render enterprise-level BI services strategized by certified developers, data engineers, analysts, and data scientists.

Data Acquisition & Integration

Acquire a holistic data acquisition system through trusted data source selection, legacy data integration, enterprise data integration, data lake, big data acquisition, Master Data Management (MDM), and data governance. Data acquisition and integration services cater to specific data extraction, transformations, and loading needs.

Analytics & Data Visualization

Generate actionable insights with data visualizations, tools & product selection, KPI & custom dashboard development, trends & patterns identification, ad-hoc reporting with mobile, and self-service BI. Our business analytics solutions help organizations optimize the captured data while enhancing decision-making capabilities significantly.

AI & Machine Learning (ML)

Augment business outcomes with flawless data cleaning & preparation, data modeling & evaluation, statistical analysis & model validation, ML framework & algorithm selection, text & data mining, chatbots development, deep learning & computer vision, and neural networks (NLP, NLU & NLG).

Industry Use Cases


Interactive Sales Performance Dashboard that combines complex data from disparate sources, automates the data analysis process, and facilitates real-time analytics with visualizations using graphs and charts for improved sales functions.


Custom manager diagnostic analytical dashboard to optimize portfolio management with deeper market insights. Extended professional advisory, product development services, and resources–data analyst, BI analyst, developer, and tester.


Data science-powered solution for fault predictions, preventive maintenance, demand forecasting, and price optimization. State-of-the-art data analytics solution improved productivity, reduced risk, and optimized supply chain.


KPI dashboard with rich visuals to gain insights in patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management. It facilitated the stakeholders to streamline patient engagement and improve existing procedures for costs and claims.


Custom designed BI solution to support data-driven decisions in supply chain– minimizing late shipments, enhancing visibility of shipment status, reducing loss due to late/off-schedule shipments, and identifying new business opportunities.


Cutting-edge recommendation engine that improves customer experience and profitability by analyzing relevant KPIs such as purchase behavior, customer churn, cross-selling opportunities missed/won, cart abandonment, CLV, etc.

IXOBI Differentiators

  • Cross-Domain Data Science Solutions Proven Data Science competencies across diverse technology blocks including Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and RPA
  • Data Science-Applied Expertise Solutions development expertness in stimulating business intelligence with Business Analytics tools like Power BI
  • Strategic Technology Partnerships Globally with Microsoft
  • Industry-specific Bespoke Services Wide-ranged service spectrum empowering businesses from every industry sector with the perfect fit of technology services, solutions, and products
  • Client-First Approach Client-centric processes to dispense deliverables aligned to specific business needs and goals

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